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Daily Test I. Employment and Economic Development

(Please, fill in the blank & put into Your “Answer Sheet” !)
Name                                      :  …………………………………
Class/Program                         : XI  …..... /Social   Science

Number of Absences               : …………………….....................
Day/Date                                 :  ..........................,   ......  20 ,,,.

Lesson                                     : Economics     
Semester                                  : Odd  (1

Hour                                        :  ............  -  ............) 
Session                                    :   ...............

Competency Standards            :  Understand the conditions of employment and its impact

                                                   on  economic development.

BASIC COMPETENCE         :  Classifying labor or Matters Pertaining to Man Power.


     Please, choose the best answer !

     A. Objective Questions

  1. Man Power :
      A. Tenaga Kerja.                
      B. Bukan Tenaga Kerja.
      C. Angkatan Kerja.            
      D. Bukan Angkatan Kerja.
      E. Sterile Age.

 2. People in Under 15th & Upper  64th :
     A. Fertile Age.                     
     B. Sterile Age.
     C. Man Power.                    
     D. Labor Force.
     E. Unlabor Force.

3. People in 15  -  64  :
     A. Fertile Age.                                        
     B. Sterile Age.
     C. Man Power.                                      
     D. Labor Force.
     E. Unlabor Force.

4. People ready to work but can’t :
     A.  Labor Force.                                
     B.   Man Power.
     C.  Employment.                                
     D. Unlabor Force.
     E.  Unemployment.

5. All of You :
     A. Unlabor Force.                             
     B. Labor Force.
     C. Man Power.                                 
     D. Productive Age.
     E. Unemployment.

6. All Your Teachers at RSMABI SMAN 1  Kraksaan :
      A. Employment.                              
      B. Unemployment.
      C. Labor Force.                             
      D. Demand for Labor.
      E. Productive Age.

7. Successfully in the Work World :
     A.  Unemployment.                      
     B. Employment.
     C. Unproductive Age.                   
     D. Productive Age.
     E. Man Power.

8. Pihak Pencari Lapangan Kerja :
     A. Labor Supply.                            
     B. Labor Demand.
     C. Employment.                            
     D. Unemployment.
     E. Disguised Unemployment.

9. Pihak yang butuh Tenaga Kerja :
     A. Unemployment.                         
     B. Employment.
     C. Labor Supply.                              
     D. Labor Demand.
     E. Disguised Unemployment.

10.PT Telkom Kraksaan PERSERO need your Skill :
     A. Labor Demand.                         
     B. Labor Supply.
     C. Employment.                            
     D. Unemployment.
     E. Cyclical Unemployment.

11.You made application of your skill to PT Telkom Kraksaan PERSERO :
     A. Labor Supply.                               
     B. Labor Demand.
     C. Unemployment.                          
     D. Employment.
     E. Voluntary Unemployment.

12.You get “Work Letter Call” from PT Telkom Kraksaan PERSERO :
      A. Unemployment.                         
      B. Employment.
      C. Labor Force.                                 
      D. Labor Supply.
      E. Seasonal Unemployment.

13. You work at PT Telkom Kraksaan PERSERO & sent you to Universitas Indonesia  (UI) :
       A. Increasing Quality.           
       B. Decreasing Quality.
       C. Job Security.                      
       D. Social Security.
       E. Bank Security.

14. You must go out or run away forever from PT Telkom  Kraksaan PERSERO :
       A. Pension.                                     
       B. Social Security.
       C. Job Security.                              
       D. PHK.
       E. Increasing Quality.

15. You leave PT Telkom Kraksaan PERSERO according Your Desire :
       A. Voluntary Unemployment.
       B. Perforce Unemployment.
       C. Work Relationship Dissolution (WRD).
       D. Cyclical Unemployment.
       E. Seasonal Unemployment.

16. Harvesting Time of Tobacco at Besuk Agung,  ensure many of them,”Work”, if  Not, Not Work :
       A. Seasonal Unemployment.
       B. Cyclical Unemployment.
       C. Voluntary Unemployment.
       D. WRD.    
       E.  Technological Unemployment.

17. Robert  Van   Didix   must   go   out  forever    from  PT Gudang  Garam, Tbk.  because  have   changed
       with  ROBOT from Japan :
        A.  Seasonal   Unemployment.
        B.  Technological   Unemployment.
        C.  Disguised  Unemployment.
        D.  Voluntary Unemployment.
        E. Cyclical  Unemployment.

18. On  1998,  60.000.000 peoples  of  Indonesia,  fall in   Unemployment   as  the  negative   impact   of
       Monetary Crisis (KRISMON) :
       A. Cyclical Unemployment.
       B. Disguised Unemployment.
       C. Voluntary Unemployment.
       D. Technological Unemployment.
       E.  Seasonal Unemployment.

19. You   ought   work   in    8  hours  at  PNS   PEMDA Kabupaten  Probolinggo, but  infact  just 4  hours.
       It means,  maybe   that’s  5   hours  for  Karambol, Chat,  Many  Gossip, Play  Table   Tennis,   Play
       Tennis,  Facebook,   Twitter,   Sleep,   etc. :
       A. Cyclical Unemployment.
       B. Technological Unemployment.
       C. Voluntary Unemployment.
       D. Disguised Unemployment.
       E.  Seasonal Unemployment.

20. You   have   a    best  skill    as   Programmer  from Alumnus   o f SMKN  1  Kraksaan .   You   have try
        And    try    to    made    application    at    some  corporate,   but    always    failed :
        A. Open Unemployment.
        B.  Under  Unemployment.
        C.  Voluntary Unemployment.
        D.  Disguised Unemployment.
        E.   Seasonal Unemployment.

   B. Subjective Questions
        Please,  calculate exactly !

        The Annual Report of Labor Condition at Country

1.Peoples    100.000.000
2.Sterile Age, under 15th       20.000.000
3.Sterile Age, upper 64th       10.000.000
4.Fertile Age, under 15th- 64th       70.000.000
5.Labor Force       60.000.000
6.Unemployment       20.000.000
21. How   many   persons   the   Number   of   Unlabor Force ?

22. How   many  percent  of the Gross Number of  Dependence Ratio Rate  ?

23. How many persons of  Employment ?

24. How many percent of the Participation Rate of  Labor Force ?

25. How  many   percent   of   Net   Number    of  Dependence  Ratio  Rate  ?



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