Thursday, 23 March 2017

Write the Program Name in Turbo Pascal 7.1.

At exercise 1, 2, 3 % 4, we try begin study of Turbo Pascal 7.1.  with Salaam2 Program which  the script  have wrote, indeed very simple that be begun with  Uses fill Crt; then Begin fill Writeln('As Salaamu Alaikum WRWB. Welcome to study Turbo Pascal 7.1. Version ! Good Luck !'); and followed by the underlying  Readlnall of which ends with End.

This time we tried with a more complete script that is :

program TulisNama;
  ANama: String; { Deklarasi variabel Name sebagai string }
  AUlang: integer; { variabel yang digunakan untuk perulangan }
  Write('Masukkan nama anda: ');
  Readln(ANama); { Readln akan membaca masukan yang dientrikan oleh pengguna }
  for AUlang := 1 to 100 do
    WriteLn('Halo ', ANama)

For that, just go to Page Editor Turbo Pascal 7.1. Please write, then Compile, Run and Save As. File Name "TulisNama" named. Good luck!

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