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How to Work Activate in Turbo Pascal 7.1. ?

Coba Turbo Pascal 7.1. Version
Jum’at, 17 09 2010

How to activate of Turbo Pascal 7.1.  ?  Please, follow below step !
1. Windows Explorer
     SUHU PSPB RONGGOLAWEZ21 use  Windows 7 Home Premium). Please, find in Drive [C:]

2. Open TP71
    Double Click on  TP71 or Right Click on TP71 > Open

3. Double click or Right Click > TPX  ( below TPUMOVER)
4. Click OK
5. Go to Screen Work  or Editor Screen  of TP7.1.
    It mean that we are ready to Write to Create or Edit our program.
    a. Write to Create  if New Blank Document.
    b. Write to Edit if wish Edit of Exist Document.

6. We can enlarge the size via Options  >Environment >Preference
7. Left Click on Screen Size 43/50 at (  )

8. Left  click  OK
Please, study hard !  Good luck !

Kraksaan, Wednesday, 10  27  2010


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