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How to Install WYSIWYG Patch-IncI-LUKSi


How to Install "WYSIWYG Builder Version"
WYSIWYG  Through - Patch.IncI  LUKSi  Builder Version

Tutorials will be given below is a brief tutorial on How to Install WYSIWYG Web Builder Software Version Patches that are different when How to Install Insert Serial Numbers With Key Numbers alias. Therefore, simply follow the guidelines below. Try to continue, it will undoubtedly be a success also install it into your computer either a PC, Laptop, Notebook, and Netbook. Hopefully useful. 

 Steps in sequence as follows: 
  1. Provide software "WYSIWYG-Patch.IncI-LUKSi  Builder Version"

  2. Right click on the icon, then click the left 1 x on "Open" or left click 2x on the icon.

  3. Right-click "setup", then left click 1x on the "Open".

  • Whenever this appears on your computer, please click the left 1x on "Allow". When not See Display  Next.

  • Where on your computer appear to blink Mark Shield, please left 1x him. Where not available, direct See Next Display.


  • ...

  • ..

  • ..

  • ...









  • 5. 

    6. Whenever a request comes Yes or Cancel, then select Yes. If no, direct See Next Display.

    7. When come the demand "Allow" or "No" then Select "Allow". If no, direct See Next Display. On the  
         laptop appears Comodo Defense + Alert because SUHU PSPB RONGGOLAWEZ21 use  
         Comodo Anti Virus Marks free version. According to this version of Comodo Anti Virus, so not all 
         software should be installed, then asked first, "What is allowed to be continued or so to install the 
         installation process or not?". Had to bring virus software, then all the risks that bear is your own and do 
         not blame Comodo Anti Virus, meaning that if it later turned out to bring virus and you've tried menyecan 
         Your computer is infected with the virus or not through Comodo Anti Virus and COMODOnya not able 
          to kill him, or at least catch it to jail (Quarantine), then do not ever blame Comodo Anti Virus, let alone 
          use the free version, aka Not What Version to Buy. Logically, if want to look good and perfect, then 
          please buy it and not the free version. Which Version to Buy is not necessarily powerful, let alone free 

    8. Wait loading process will begin installing a few moments and do not click on anything.

    9. 1x left click on "Next".

    10. Select and left click 1x on Small Circle on the "I Agree".

    11. 1x left click on "Next".

    12. 1x left click on "Next".

    13. 1x left click on "Next".

    14. Wait for the Installation Process.

    15. Just wait! EPPB !  (Expand Patience Plus Breathing) !

    16. 1x left click on "Finish". Up on the Stage It, do not rush to open Icon WYSIWYG in Pages Desktop or 
          via the Start Menu. Finish, but not perfect because it has not entered serial numbernya or key code.  
          Therefore, in this tutorial is now described using a WYSIWYG Web Builder Software Patch-
           IncI.LUKSi, before the opening, insert the patch file.

    17. How to Enter Into a Patch Files Installation Results WYSIWYG Web Builder 6. 0.3.0.

    Steps in sequence as follows :

    1. Back to Page Setup and click the left-2x on Patch. For this, refer back to instructions steps 1, 2 and  

                3 before the above.

                  2. 2x left click on "Patch".

                  3. Select Yes if any Confirmation Page. Where not available, directly to the Next Step.

            4. Left click 1x on Patch.
    Dialog Box Appears "Browse for Folder". Look in Program Files where WYSIWYG was  

                completed  to install the software for enhanced for ready-made. Program Files on the Drive /    
                Partition (C:).

          5. 2x left click on "Drive (C:)".

    6. 2x left click on "Program Files".

    7. Look for WYSIWYG Web Builder Files that have been installed previously.

    8. Pull down bars "Vertical Scroll Bar" above, to appear "File WYSIWYG Web Builder 6".

         9. Select and left click 1x on "WYSIWYG Web Builder 6" and Kik 1x left on the "OK".

       10. Cover Page "Patch" is currently active.

    11. Close alias out of the "Pages Patch".

    12. Now run or open the "Icon WYSIWYG" which appeared in "Home Desktop".

    13. Choose the "Yes" whenever there is a confirmation request and left click 1x on the "I Agree". Where 

           there is no, then immediately appear "page License Agreement for WYSIWYG Web Builder" below.

          14. Go to "Page Editor WYSIWYG". Means 100% successful installation and activation process.  
          Patch through the activation process described above. Al-Laah Robbil hamdu Lil 'Aalamiin.

    15. Furthermore, "Good website design you want and follow the basic instructions that have been taught 

          before!".  Al hamdu Lil-Laah, finally This brief tutorial can be posted, starting at 10.00 am until 18.02 Pm
          hours  (Sholat Maghrib).

    Kraksaan, Sunday, December 05 2010

    SUHU PSPB RONGGOLAWEZ21Wong Pondok Beron, Punggulrejo, Rengel, Tuban, East Java, Indonesia

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