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Short story ...


  1. 1978 stands in the Class of Kraksaan Road Imam Bonjol, 13, Sidomukti, Kraksaan, Probolinggo district. Was a Paddy Field area, most of which belong to his father Mr. Salekan, neighbors of Mr. MONAS (Mochammad Naseh, SPd). Before settling Building the New Year in the implementation of education in 1978 Home loans building SMP Negeri 1 Kraksaan. Head of School at that time Mr. ASTOMO, BA (1978- - 1987). He was patient, cool, low profile. 1987 to become head of State Senior High School of Probolinggo 1 municipality (Mr. Nasor superiors when a teacher BK).
  2. He was subsequently appointed as Principal at SMAN 1 Probolinggo in period 1987 -- 1993.
  3. Schools generally as any new stand, apparently have overridden fate worse SMAN 1 Kraksaan until 1996. Bad fortune, apanya, what are you with? Among others: a. The number of teachers is not balanced with the number of students so that teachers 1 doubles teaching 2 or 3 so that the lessons An Effective Education can not. b. Facilities are minimal, including not have fences Nowhere. Reputedly given Barbed Wire Fence, but almost every day because they are often incompetent or Mr. and Mrs. Teacher-Peekabo ferret out in the rice fields surrounding some of the students. Peekabo ferret out? Indeed, the fact that, in one of the teachers are still few and on the other hand, faced a reality where there are some students who are not immediately be naughty entry to the Class Lessons, it PEEKABOO PLAY romp in EMBANKMENTS OF  RICE FIELDS. Auo! Apparently the students more sacred than teachers, because of one or several incoming students have classes, which have been ealah Class thin out and even invite PEEKABOO PLAY. Mr. / Mrs. Teachers contrived headache. Therefore, the period also called PERIOD PEEKABOO PLAY. Now, the perpetrators are someplace where and so what? TEMPERATURE not tahulah. Nevertheless, hopefully a person's success. The behavior that was generally incompetent, but hopefully the History of Life Teen Time that continues to mature. c. Until around 1992 to get Disrespect Degree from Kraksaan  Community that essentially is the integration of expectancy, Realities, contempt, and Scorn slur that is titled: * SMA 79, SMA slippage from 07.00 hours and hours of incoming Lessons 09.00 back. Actual fact not entirely correct and orangpun not know and did not want to know how the internal conditions of the actual situation. * Outskirts of high school and high school bonafit not Ndeso (Village Style), Ndeso (Village Style) Teachers, Students Ndeso, Guardians Ndeso (Village Style) Students, Principal Ndeso (Village Style). Turbulence conditions these circumstances, some students from the Guardian Group of Children to help the junior high school graduates, especially Negeri 1 Murchison did not want to send their children to the Class of Kraksaan. The Best of the senior high school in Negeri 1 Probolinggo in high school or High School-Favorite in Malang and Surabaya. More and more tragic fact that is not happening Some Alumnus Lecture When Being Minder and Malu As Recognize Alumnus SMA Negeri 1 Gosport. d. Subscriptions are often Maling. Rev. ... Groups of them apparently people Kardiman, and did not want to go forward, and the area, for example: All the animals that will Livestock been after than I Iedul Adha ludes des deeeeeeesssss first (before 1988/1989); Diesel School disikat without trace (1989/1990); 85% Equipment LABORAT vanish LANGUAGE (1988/1989); Among or Some Students also a study into the TEGA King and  QUEEN TEGA  alias Compassion Knows No. Frequent theft and loss, often occurs at a time scramble MASSAL Interfaith Class FOR compete CUP black-and-blue bin livid phase (1978 - - 1992). e. -There are only a trance. Understandably SMAN 1 Murchison was Paddy Field, of course, still many JIN better HANG (NONGKRONG) place in us. However alhamdulillaah now is not more like it. STORY starters are retired (now the time has not berceritera, OTHER TIMES, and if not I OTHER RIVERS). In this case, for while this ONLY ONE MESSAGE  OF SUHU , "Places that have been cleared of any interference from the crime Jin LaLa will be useless, even inviting team spent Ghost, Ulama 'Sholih / Sholihah and Auliya' 1.000x. Will be back to normal and even worse, if a Own the Residents invite them to attend it in place. The defense has been created, will collapse by itself. Whenever said accelerate grubby-grubby, dirty, rough-and-dirty, rough, then they will come automatically. When the heart and living ngeres, multiply was bad, like slander other people, hasut, envious and others, they will come automatically. If the attitude and the actions grubby-grubber, dirty-dirty, rough-rough, arogan the loose control of the full faith and , Then automatically they will come. Therefore, it should be kept as well as to Heart, mind, Speech and always act in a straight pat ".
  4. Teachers Era Mr. ASTOMO products that are still there: Mr. H. SYAMSURI ABBAS, BA (Geography, length of illness); Mother Sri Widji, SPd (PKn); Mother Andayani, SPd (English); Mr. Sumarkam, SPd (English); Mr. Kismoyoadi, SPd (Arts); Mr. Nurul Huda, SPd (English); Drs. H. Buchori (Islamic Religious Education, Move Paiton, Pension); Drs. Basuki (Economy, Move Kediri); Dra. HERLINA (Economy, Move Kalimantan, SMAN 1 Gading).
  5. Memories left behind: The Land Location SMAN 1 Kraksaan, Building-Old Building, incredulous.


  1. Principal II (Mr. KARYASA, BA, 1987/1988 - - YEAR 1989 = 2.5). Profile: Calm, Hardware, earlier, Discipline High, Excellent, Protecting Lower When There is Threat From Outer, all the carpet Lower Always Offers Solutions, Smart English, the pioneer magazine ANGENDANU, English Conversation Planner (not realized the need for a task instead of the senior high school in Tuban regency), Many Provides Learning and Development Work Ethos Lower.
  2. In the era of Mr. ASTOMO, BA has proposed that the central government to send several teachers appropriate field of study, but apparently not successful. Then again emphasized by Mr. KARYASA, BA. Alhamdulillaah no results. Figures appear Year 1987/1988 New: Drs. TAUFIQ QURRAHMAN (History, Alumnus WAKASEK Curriculum Era Mr. PRIYANTO); Drs. Basuki (Physics, Alumnus WAKASEK Curriculum Era Mr. PRIYANTO); Dra. Kucingbalap SUHARTINI (History, Sociology, Alumnus WAKASEK The Era of Mr. Syafi'uddin, WAKASEK KESISWAAN Era Mr. Nasor); Dra. SRI MARYUNI (Physics, moved); Drs. Full-blooded (Physics, Move); Drs. Mahadmahadi (History, Move Pare-Kediri), Drs. Suyanto (English, Move Leicester); Drs. TATAG (Economic Accounting, Move Jember). Then, years 1988/1989 Next figure appears that time is still Ihurt-Ihurt and now, "god forbid" namely: Hery Fransetyo, SPd (Physics, Astronomy, and now WAKASEK FACILITIES); Kuswanto, SPd (Chemistry); Mochammad Naseh, SPd (Skills Electronics and Mathematics now, the public relations Alumnus WAKASEK Era MAS'UD Mr. and Mr. NASOR); Zakariya, SPd (General Economics, Teachers in the Performance Best Version 1989 By JONI WIRYAWAN Chairman of the desk, SUHUPSPB, Now + TIK (CIT), Alumnus WAKASEK FACILITIES Mr. MAS'UD era, and Mr. NASOR); Anung Pariani, SPd (History, Sociology, Anthropology, Alumnus WAKASEK KESISWAAN Era MAS'UD Mr. and Mr. NASOR); Edi Suyitno, SPd (Mathematics, moved Kediri) and Nur Huda, SPd ( English, moved Cadiz). When the 7 figure is still licensed D3. Although the D3 all have the character and style, which also god forbid. Around 7 or 8 months and then appear again until the New Figure Number of Teachers to be complete and could be berpacu Ideal for the better, namely: MUJI Haryanto, SPd (Skills Electronics, when it licensed D3 and now Biology, Alumnus WAKASEK Curriculum Era and Mr. Mas'ud Mr. Nasor); TASRON, SPd, MPd (when it jebolan D3 Economic Accounting; Pendekar Volleyball; King of Computers SMAN 1 Murchison era 1995/1996 - - 1999/2000, Many Omong / Crempek Helpful However, Many Have incompetent fool, Many Ideas, Part Figure reformer SMAN 1 Gosport, Alumnus WAKASEK The Era of Mr. Syafi'uddin and Mr. Mas'ud) MARDI SUROSO, SPd (General Economics, relocated from Mach-Flores and about 3 months later there TSUNAMI Alumnus Staff Curriculum Era Mr. priyanka); MARCHUMAH, SPd (Skills Electronics fled English, relocated from the school ... Leicester); Dra. Rena SAD ADNARI (Geography, Move Jember); Dra. Nurhayati (Biology, Move Melrose). A year later came Mr. Drs. SAYYIDI ISMA'IL (Arabic, Islamic Religious Education, relocated from PGA, Head Sukapura school, and high school Principal Last Dringu, Kocak He is, however, Destiny Love Died Because of Traffic Accident. ... Send Fatihah dong!); Some years later came Mr. H. Rochman CHOSIM (Islamic Religious Education, relocated SMPN 1 Kraksaan).
  3. Memories left: Most West Building Class, ANGENDANU Magazine, Outdoor Building Teachers Become Main Building / Home, Building Outdoor Skills Teacher Become Space, Building Skills Becoming Space Shuttle Library.

C. PERIOD Building of Academic Performance

  1. Principal III (SOEMADI al SOEMADIJANTO, BA; 1989/1990 - - 1991/1992). Profilenya: High, Handsome, athletic well (perhaps Teachers Sports), Hobbies Tennis and Table Mountain Bicycles, SA.
  2. He continue the program Mr. KARYASA and to emphasize the Academic Performance Management.
  3. In the end, the end of high school before becoming superintendent in Melrose, often forced to leave the SMA Negeri 1 Kraksaan, as well as get a mandate to become the head of the School SMAN 1 Gending.
  4. Memories left : In the six (6) month not present in SMAN 1 Kraksaan, because must in SMAN 1 Gending, but still remain as the Principal (Headmaster) in SMAN 1 Kraksaan.

    But, even without fathers of Headmaster, SMAN 1 KRAKSAAN keep running smoothly. Alhamdu lil-laah.

D. Increase of Academic Performance PERIOD AND Original Obtain of

  1. Principal IV (Drs. PRIANTO, 1992/1993 - - 1997/1998). Profilenya: Mathematics Teachers, Students Mr. KARYASA in SMAnya, well Small, Kalem, Calm, Builders Hardware, Management PBM-KBM High Class, The Very, Very obedient to All Regulations (Religion and Religious Non), Hobbies badminton, however, earlier Breaks .
  2. In the past he, SMAN 1 Kraksaan step by step achieve the desired results of Struggle:7
  • 9 Degree high school fade away.
  • Degree Ndeso (Villageness) high school, high school Outskirts fade disappeared.
  • Degree-Degree Seram Other destroyed.
  • SMA Negeri 1 calculated at the start Murchison Area District.  
  • Cell high level of discipline and high work Ethos. 
3. Memories left behind: 
  • In School Fence
  • Development Stage Open (now OPEN hall). Was this was Hamilton Big Tree, Many Ulatnya, Self-haunted, In The Land of tarnish.
  • The hall OPEN THE STAGE.
  • Extra-curricular Computer Era Pre-generation Pentium. To figures Computers SMAN 1 Kraksaan  pioneer generation that is TASRON, SPd, MPd; MUJI Haryanto, SPd; MOCHAMMAD NASEH, SPd; KISMOYAOADI, SPd. At this time SUHU PSPB RONGGOLAWEZ still too public and too very very stupid  and blind about Computers. Turning it can not, let alone operate it, and learn about a new names Computer Parts

4. Tragic memories that will never be forgotten:

  • In the early years learning in 1996 (the night after the initial entry) of the Robbery, Rp 20000000.00 Money School Student Results Revenue New vanish immediately.
  • Schools do not have the funds Operational Tonight Guardians Students regularly for 1 year pay-per-month fee, Rp 1000.00 from Class 1 to Class 3.
  • Entrance Space Court as a Murchison Victims. 
  • Two (2) Care Night namely Mr. Abidin and Mr. Taufiq including SUHU PSPB are asleep asleep because it is too tucker of overtime in working 7 days 7 nights took a hostage. SUHU results borrow money to the Cooperative Affairs Officer Rp 250000.00 + a dime several des ludes (run out) -in Early September 1996 SUHU move would settle a New House in Gosport Perum Permai, Sidopekso. 
  • Three (3) And 3 the next night (local) caught. When the reconstruction they apologize to SUHU . Before disidang also apologize again, when they rob also during the morning and already SUHU be prayed the better course. Several months later they find SUHU to apologize once again be. Hopefully they return to the correct road that is straight be willinged by Allooh SWT and get a job that sustained, healthy, safe, successful and happy birth arcane world of the Hereafter. Evil people will not necessarily evil and good people will not necessarily good. 
  • A small portion of the robbed Cash back again. 
  • SUHU's Money   Rp 250000.00 back and indeed very SUHU need to move in Sidopekso. Not a dime back. 
  • At Local And apologize to SUHU , their mutual pointing that the taking of  SUHU's Money  are A, B &  C. SUHU only say to them, to organize SUHU, which is trying to be GOOD PERSON who believe and desires UNDER CONDITIONS situation however difficult it is.

  • Several months later, can hear directly from Mr. Heri (KAPOLSEK Kraksaan time) during Lunch in the Murchison  Service Bulletin 1 that the offender And former Marine, died in  shooted Park, Secunda because foray surprised when police, against, forced a direct shot and apesnya, "dead". Listen to this story, SUHU said, "Mr. Heri, pity him!".  Mr.Heri words, "Mr. Zaki, strange panjenengan (you) this tut, tut criminals be pitied ...." SUHU responsibility, "Mr. Heri, pity, he died in circumstances Suu-ul Khotimah, died as criminals and not repent and automatic entry to Hell ... ... Mr.  so pretty!". I am pleased and happy he is a good person and More repent, reliable work, healthy, safe, successfull and happy birth arcane world of the Hereafter. Waah ... there are only panjenengan (you) ... and troublesome enemy panjenengan  (you) this ... chirps Mr.  Heri. SUHU reply again, patience panjenengan(you) this Mr.  ... Mr.  ... to what one of my words is ... ? Oooh ... no one koook ... his reply. Now he is not in Kraksaan  again. Salam's success to the police, Kraksaan. Hopefully people Kraksaan prosperous life of all, there is no crime that means. Aamiiiiiin 3x.
5. Before becoming superintendent in the area of Sidoarjo high school, I was PRIANTO

a Principal in SMAN 1 Gending.

E. Original PERIOD longer enjoyed impressive results FASTING

1. Principal V (Drs. H. SYAFIUDDIN, MSi; 1997/1998 - - 2003/2004). The Profile : High Large, Calm, SA, Cheap Smiles, the Spirit of Life Building, Social and Not As a citizen of SMAN 1 Kraksaan is very high, Former English Teacher, both Innovatif Infra Structure Development School (Physical) and the Supra Structure (psychological, both School Achievement Field of Academic and Non-Academic), Understanding the Science of Religion of Islam is high enough, 2004/2005 off a KASUBDIN Probolinggo district, living in Lumajang.
2. He completed the performance results of head-Principal before.
3. Abandoned the memories:

* Building Hall Open
* Year 2003/2004 Study appeal in the high school Advancement Darul Ulum, Jombang in order to obtain additional supplies to advance SMAN 1 Kraksaan . Wow! Very cool! It is very extraordinary! SMAN 1 Kraksaan  far there is no comparison nothing there. At the time of the lowest fees and most poor per month to Rp 60000.00 and the termahal, Guardians of the richest students. Achievements Olympic champions SainsTingkat (District, State, National) have been regular Champions I, II, III, the expectancy; Minimal per year around 20 Children entering college in bliss, while SMAN 1 Kraksaan extraordinary difficulty.
* To Recovery of Teacher Room, Room Warehouse Space eliminated so that teachers become more knowledgeable.
* Two (2) Outdoor Classroom help regional governments most Probolinggo district south of the upright with the Teachers' Room.


1. Principal VI (Drs. MAS'UD, 2004/2005 - - 2005/2006). Profilenya: SA, Calm, dignified, earlier, Discipline High, Very Fatherness, Understanding Religion of Islam is high enough.
2. He continued performance of the head-Principal before.
3. Sweet reality

* The Long Struggle since 1978 achieve the desired results, although still far from perfect, namely SMAN 1 Gosport changed into the high school favorite in Moyo district. Remember, the favorite does not mean 100% great. No ... such ... that for good performance and it is very difficult to take very long with all the intricacies and the sacrifice of love in mourning. That clearly disrupt, damage and destroy it far more easily.

4. Bitter reality and the very Bitter are not Happen

* Previously for many years SMAN 1 Kraksaan to be burlesque, of mortification, cemoohan materials, such as: SMA 79, SMA Outskirts, Ndeso high school, etc.. However, why get after it successfully Rain teeth outside the Ordinary, for example: SMAN 1 Kraksaan foul in the UNAS, teachers send answers via SMS at HP, Child although not entirely given HP. For all this, indeed Na'uudzu billaahi min dzaalik ... The U.S. clearly AS IS NO ... TOH THAT OF OUR MIS, INSYAA ALLOOH an ARE NO DIPERSANGKAKAN ... but the rice has become a pulp and even burnt ... song ... soooong ... RAIN FITNAH have been scattered exceeding the words ANY COMPUTER ...
* Apparently when SMAN 1 Gosport successfully BAD DREAM alter the length and Developers WORSE length, should FOR THE ENTIRE REGION IN DISTRICT PROBOLINGGO more wisely and wise .... and for those who want to advance education around ... it would be better and more diridloi and Blessed God when Wally came directly to the SMAN 1 Gosport for SHARING ANY POSITIVE HAL, so that the entire WORLD EDUCATION Moyo district in the Region all better, better, more developed AND MORE WILLINGED God-Blessed SWT ... Therefore ... please ask for help and very ... Results please hargailah We Long Struggle This. Yeah, in fact the time we have been able to happen this way ... NO APPRECIATION On to repeat ACHIEVEMENTS WHETHER THE SAME IS not easy, CAN EVEN AS OTHERWISE IN A world of football CLUB WHERE any feeling safe, always the first champion CLUB AND THE MOST WHEN CAN WEAK also any just enough to reach the first champion, EVEN IF AFTER DEGRADATION IS MORE .. . THIS the reality LIFE ...
* We will be more happy, more happy if the whole WORLD EDUCATION (especially the senior secondary level) in Moyo district rapidly developing human resources capable of printing High Quality and bertqwa believe that beriptek efficient and high school both State and Private School, and even the entire WORLD EDUCATION Indonesia ... but all that will require struggle and sacrifice that big and need a long time ... Therefore, the issue of picked-negative issue that is not necessarily true, and even can damage the fetus one Successfullness of the WORLD EDUCATION Probolinggo district ... I better complement each other in order to achieve true success is diridloi and Blessed by Allah SWT. Our generation was not weak, but they need the touch-touch capable of destroying the curtains, the curtains THAT DURING THIS handcuff  IT BODY & SOUL  ... yes this is a formidable task at once is a very noble ... Many of the students are not able to explore and generate all the positive things that are envisioned to be very useful in real life, especially for the era of change in the future ... The movie is able to provide hook and Technical operation and treatment, Insyaa Allooh By The Children will be the great-great in the field of the ability of each ... Here we do not give Feedbacks Hence, the students will remain submerged forever in the shadow curtains which membelenggunya for this ...
* For All We ... By Probolinggo district ... By the Children Indonesia ... let us fight together achieve success in a way that diridloi and Blessed by Allah SWT. Whenever we are in the wrong, so please show which parts of one and please shown or discussed best solution ... Bad To THE GOOD, THE GOOD better .... OTHERWISE NOT, ONE OF TIMES TIMES SINGLES considered as if they may be feeling ... IT FEELS LIKE THIS AND I VERY TRAGIS incompetent .... Then CHAOS, CHAOS AND CHAOS ... But BETWEEN OUR NONE a successful ... THAT ARE LIKE THIS, "NA'UUDZU MIN DZAALIK." نعوذ من ذالك سبحا ن الله نستغفرالله العظيم. And we all have with each other as to protect and maintain the honor, and not to expose another blot each ...

4. Memories left behind

* One Class Room Building the south west with a straight Pole Flag Ceremony at this time.
* One Outdoor Classroom Building, which had borrowed a desk for Space around 2 this year.
* Year of 2004/2005 starting LABKOM SMAN 1 Kraksaan  to establish the successful lessons and TIK (CIT)  particularly TIK (CIT)-based learning in general. When the new unit capable of 5 Computers, Pentium 3.
* Only mingle as Lower and Upper in a short time because for the lead, he suffered illness and, if not the grace of Allah SWT, he may not live ... moreover, although brief, but he was able to perfect the performance of the Principal predecessor ... particular moment NO FATHERNESS ARE MADE-I ...



  1. Principal VII (Drs. HM NASOR, MM; 2005/2006 - - Now). Profilenya: well-built; physically strong; Handsome  Courier Pendekar (Knight)  New; Discipline High; More Innovative;  Speak out frankly speaking style; enthusiasm explode-Burst particular Coming Home; Principal Model / Taken Probolinggo District I champions 2007/2008; Understanding Islamic Religious Self High; Perfect When Will More Capable marry All-Pros Head Principal Previous and Will Bring More Capable Progress SMAN 1 Kraksaan When Capable of Gap Closing the Gap-Cons The Principal Previous; If I'm not the Son of irregularities Fruit, So Soon rebuked mercilessly If Necessary, and be Jump, But Quick Restored  So good Patient More; During This Year Leads Some, like Mr. and Mrs. Making Teachers in Frenzy because Extra Work Hard Until Day Afternoon, even some Mmalam Day, and even some No Square Time is on REALLY VERY know, "So far Night, Night So fFr, the bat too iss the Far."
  2. Slap him:
  • Obtain Class Room Block Grant (current X-6) year 2006/2007.
  • Continuing Development Fences Western Front.
  • Obtain subsidies Fences Nowhere Relative More Strong start to the Middle East. 
  • Develop facilities Panjat Iron as a replacement for Cliff Climbing (Climbing Wall).
  • Obtain subsidies Block Grant LABMULTIMEDIA year 2006/2007 together with SMAN 1 for the Paiton area of Probolinggo district.  
  • Obtain BOMM Block Grant kulitas increase in human resources, especially as the Energy Educators years 2006/2007 and 2007/2008.
  • Obtain Block Grant stub School Category Mandiri year 2006/2007 in order to accomplish the Infra Structure Management School and School Structure Supra while pursuing Rank School to the Status of Higher Levels of 100 and made the Big Jump Diknas CENTER from 461 high schools Peneria Block Grant RSKM in Indonesia.
  • Obtain Block Grant School stub in order to accomplish the National Standard Management Structure Infra School and School Structure Supra while pursuing Rank School to the Status of Higher Levels year 2008/2009.  
  • It supports the movement to learn TIK (CIT) especially in the context of Computer-Based Learning TIK so at this time able to take Speedy Service via PT TELKOM Kraksaan PERSERO.
  • It supports improved the quality of facilities and Completed LABKOM School, although not perfect. 
  • Recovery of Room Teachers become broader and more representative again, which means refining the rehabilitation of Mr. SYAFI'UDDIN.
  • Medium-incentive encouraged vigorous Movement 6 K, the Movement Adiwiyata so that the school has tried to be more clean, healthy and beautiful, for example: Flower Garden, Fish Swimming.
  • Bicycle parking Students Develop a new and the old into the Field ceremony.
  • Moving to Page Field ceremony in the southern Room Teachers.
  • Develop Force Space Toliet students more representative around the page with a ceremony Inventories Air Self.   
  • Create New Artesis Well because the old have reduced the water debit.
  • Obtain Project REHAB School building that is BUILDING HOME (HOME) budget funds via regional governments JATIM Fiscal Year 2007.
  • Obtain the Project Building Room LABKOM regional governments that are built in 2008/2009. 
  • Obtain 2 Computer Gifts from the regional governments District Probolinggo years
    2006/2007 (For WAKASEK) and 2007/2008 (to the desk and when parting
    Disposal of graduates 2007/2008).

  • Make Goalkeeper for the Iron Mini Soccer Field in the western Basketball Court and Volly. However, this year in junior high school building was built Negeri 1 Gosport, in
    The junior high school where the Negeri 1 Kraksaan  existing, will soon move
    Mass (2006/2007).
  • Beautifying Background hall OPEN SMAN 1 Kraksaan  with Style
    Mojopahit Kingdom so that more artistic (2007/2008).

  • Obtain project increased the quantity and quality of equipment LABORAT FISIKA,
    Chemicals and biological (2007/2008).
  • In 2008, this gain LABKOM Development of regional governments and are JATIM
  • In 2009 obtain of subside a Development Building of Language Laboratory
  • In 2009 obtain of subside a Development Building of Science Laboratory 
  • In 2009 are building a Mosque (Musholla), because the Old Musholla too small and not not enough accommodate the congregation of many.
  • In 2009, pasca Iedul Fithri Day will implement Management Information System (MIS) or SIM (Sistim Informasi Manejemen)  in Indonesia - based School Aplication Program (SAP) or PAS (Program Aplikasi Sekolah) in Indonesia in order to achieve of International School Stubs (ISS) or RSBI (Rintisan Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional).
  • In 2009 attempt to complete a Digital Leraning Tools, and has been replaced including the Blackboards with the Whiteboards.
3. Notes About the rank and status of the high school equivalent.

* * * * This is based on an explanation from Mr.H. Prof.Dr.Sunaryo on MONITORING PROGRAM RSKM year 2006/2007 in the 2007/2008 ago. Levels of the status of the school:

* Standard Ordinary School / General

* It SMAN 1 Kraksaan since 1978 s.d. 2005/2007 school entrance rank status "School Standard Ordinary / General".
* The schools have stub School National Standard, the entry ranking status School "School Standards General / Ordinary."

* Stub School National Standard (RSSN)

* 1 level higher than the Standard Public School.
* It takes at least 1 year and a maximum of 3 years to go to the next rank status.

* School National Standard (SSN)

* Advanced Program RSSN.
* 1 level higher than RSSN.
* It takes at least 1 year, a maximum of 3 years to go to the next rank status.

* Stub School Category Mandiri (RSKM)

* Advanced Program SSN.
* 1 level higher than the SSN.
* It takes at least 1 year, a maximum of 3 years to the rank School Category Mandiri (SKM).
* Must meet Teacher Standards 8.
* The number of students, only 32 Children.
* Class equipped with digital facilities: TV, LCD, Computer, Audio, etc..

* School Category Mandiri (SKM)

* Advanced Program RSKM.
* 1 level higher than RSKM.
* It takes at least 1 year, a maximum of 3 years to the rank stub is in the International School (RSBI).

* Stub is in the International School (RSBI)

* Advanced Program SKM.
* 1 level higher than the SKM.
* It takes at least 1 year, a maximum of 3 years to rank schools is in the International (SBI).
* Some teachers represent the field of study and can speak fluent English communicative via, for teaching must be learner-English.

* The school is in (SBI)

* Advanced Program RSBI
* 1 level higher than RSBI.
* It is not time limited.
* Almost all teachers represent field of study and can speak fluent English communicative via, for teaching must be learner-English.

* Logical Consequences

* How would not, geliat clockwise with the rapid development and very competitive in the World Education, with the rank-rank the impact on the SWOLLEN PRICES EDUCATION. Hopefully the door provision Residents Probolinggo district in particular and Indonesia in general, smoothly and successfully, it would be able to offset the increasing Education Cost.

H. RSMABI Kraksaan Back to SMAN 1 Kraksaan

  1. The Headmaster  :  Drs. H. Saeri.   
          Ensure, he is not THE SAERI.
          The Short Profiles  :

  • English Teacher of SMAN 1 Paiton, Probolinggo.
  • The Headmaster of SMAN 1 Kuripan, Probolinggo.
  • The Headmaster of RSMABI Kraksaan after Drs. H.M.NASOR, MM.
  • The Headmaster of SMAN 1 Kraksaan (2011-07-21
    Number : 821.29/800/426.30/2011 until 2014).

To Be Continued ..... Wait ... Wait ... Wait ... !

In fact, all S P P B:

It should cost sensitive Success, Financing Need Work Truly, Truly Need Work Visit, Visit Truly Necessary Investigation, Investigation Indeed Need to concentrate, Concentrateness Truly Need Be Careful, Be Careful in Hearing Need Pray Truly, Truly Need Praying was Meeting, Indeed Trusteship Be patient need, Patient Truly Need B .... Continue your own ...  Very Tired  Strength ... !

Continued ... The contents have not finished better story, and Penataannya ... ! Validity of the truth data, still need to be refined, because it relies on memories and not complete ... This note while ... !

Figures that have been coloring SMAN 1 Murchison also not included everything. Moreover, this also has not: Mother Yerry, Mr. (Syamsul, Hasan, Miswanto, Agus, Tjahjo, Mohammad Ali, Tomi), Mother (Agustina, Yuana, Sri Yulis, Sayuni, Kuswardani, Tutik, Eva), and others .. . follow ... while tired of it ...

Insyaa Allooh  SUHU (TEACHER, USTAADZ, USTAADZAH) Official data through existing ...


To be continued  ...  !!! 

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