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Basic Philosophical of PSPB

Do not forget Acts First !

In between Readers may ask the question, why the name given PADEPOKAN SINKANG PERJENGGOTAN BERDARAH (PSPB)? Anyway once eerie! PERGURUAN SILAT such as name only, what are our Universities. If detailed one by one from what the words:

* Padepokan?
* Sinkang?
* Perjenggotan?
* Of?
* The subjects such as PSPB in the 84-year period up to an 95-an, what cheat?
* SUHU called Why?

Want to know what is not? Do not want to further the story of PSPB SUHU PSPB RONGGOLAWEZ21?
Although I know, it is curious how you want to explain. Cool, quiet, quiet! Do not worry! Short story:

1. Padepokan taken from the Java language Kawi mean that a certain generation to print the educated and literate so useful to each other in the future based on the Religion at that time. Padepokan = Peguron (Java Language) = Pay (Chinese) = School (English Language) = Madrosah ( 'Arabic) = Madrasah (Indonesia Language)= (German) . Padepokan in the past, certainly not with the same period in the school now because the situation is different conditions, the automatic challenge and needs different ingredients and parasarana also different. Padepokan in the past period, especially in the Kingdom of Desire is more used as a place to print the Pesilat (SILATER)/ The New Pendekar to the highest level that is able to be provided by the owners Padepokan and depending on ability and the line taqdir achieved by the students. At that time students called the pupil's name. If so, Padepokan Sinkang Perjenggotan Of The place print Pesilat (Silater) / The Pendekar New? SUHUsaid, "even more 100%, NO !!!". SUHU not Pendekar New, but as PENDEKAR KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY LEVELS senior high school and the equivalent, especially not the time now, except SUHU living in the past. Why the name given Padepokan, whether rationally and have no name? The answer, "NO!". The reason? Among others:
* As the intention of reverence and appreciation objective of the paper, the Extraordinary Humanity. Padepokan (Born in the period Syiwa Kingdom, Hinduism, Buddhism) is a cultural treasure the results of Indonesia's oldest and highest. After that followed Pesantren (Born in the period, Wali Songo), then followed a new school (Born in the period now). If there is no role of Padepokan what would be Indonesia. Padepokan embryo is the oldest EDUCATION IN INDONESIA. This aseli results and conclusions SUHU speculation and not to cheat anyone. If there yet, SUHU not too know the source bibioghrapic.
* As a result pengabadian Indonesia's largest paper, which is very uphold Values Humanity is based religious beliefs during the period.
* As an expression of a sense of infinite thanks to the ancestors we have so infuse fetus EDUCATION Education Modern concept was born in Indonesia.

2. Sinkang? Sinkang also called Lwee Kang (Chinese) = Energy In. If so mean SUHU PSPB taught SILAT SCIENCE IN POWER. SINKANG term used, not taught SILAT ENERGY IN SCIENCE KNOWLEDGE and SILAT FOREIGN POWER NO FURTHER SUHU IS NOT PESILAT reasons, only SUHU able to capture and implement in real life some of the philosophical BASIC KNOWLEDGE SILAT. SUHU'll take the essence STRUGGLE IN VALUE uphold truth and justice. What SINKANG Sciences in different concepts of our understanding of that is that I make it SUHU's SINKANG much higher degree FAR FROM SCIENCE IT SINKANG SILAT. Why be higher? Yes it can, for SINKANG here SUHU take to it SINKANG understanding RESOURCES IN SCIENCE IS ITS SILAT. HE's SUHU SINKANG in form NIAT, stuff, stuff it, instinct, morale, Speech Praised, MINDS clear, attitude Praised AND CONDUCT commendable that the Standard Rules on Religion and Non-Religious. Sinkang in Science is part of our results from the processed SINKANG SUHU up at the top. In short, SINKANG here is the result of the combination and Physical Setting Setting Inward berbagia to the needs and goals in this life so that people become successful, healthy birth arcane world of the Hereafter, safe birth arcane world of the Hereafter, happy birth arcane world of the Hereafter, according to Help Road Go straight Life is based on the Standard Rules Religious and Non-Religious. Any successful person in any field and even take the road astray, yet all still need SINKANG WEAPON.

3. Perjenggotan? Thin beard a name, and why there? Simple answer, read the story again PSPB First. Once again, the SUHU PSPB basically just make a fraudulent studios. Before giving the name of PSPB, SUHU normal proclaim oneself with a PENDEKAR beard BERDARAH from PADEPOKAN beard BERDARAH which is the only one who Pendekar Capable Of Killing Pendekar Verses in the playwright Tutur Tinular Arya Kamandhanu. In short, basically, but merely to English Entertainment Students SMAN 1 Kraksaan in the past 17 years. If not know, the story of how the emergence of the term Perjenggotan? Oh, just like this story. Since the small love story of our SUHU / Kung Fu, and our Acts / Kung Fu film In The World. It Cantrik / Teachers and students have already had quite old even Tua, but the bearded Person, Patienter, the Wise Authority, Bijaksini, Bijaksitu and Sakti Mandraguna. The figure apparently SUHU-Easily, the figure is, of course eventually I take term beard. Perjenggotan to be changed because there are other reasons for not less that's in it, according to the version SUHU. This will be reviewed in part to 5 later.

4. Fever? This diambilpun only for a grim-seraman to compete and conquer Pendekar Verses Of the current rage. SUHU can not teach in classrooms in conditions such as the situation in the grave. Rather, more like the situation in the Class Hot, It's Politics post Communications Living There, however, the concentration of Permanent Education. Although the grim-seraman, yet SUHU also explain to them that the meaning of the word is BLOODY while not yet fresh blood clot, there is still a sign of life. While there is life, we as humans will never stop fight, fight and fight until the last point of the blood both world affairs and especially affairs of the Hereafter. While blood is still fresh, meaning beard sets will remain strong. Beard while still in the chin, we must always grind, grind and polish SINKANG us to fight in the face of this earth and at the same time memeliharannya. SINKANG order to remain focused to be targeted, we still hold Standard Rules on Religion and Religious Non-reviewed by the PADEPOKAN / PERGURUAN / MADRASSAH / SCHOOL / SCHOOL.

5. PSPB named as subjects in the 84-year period up to an 95-an, what cheat? Said trace can not trace it more precisely. In the Era of years there is an 80-lesson PSPB (National Education History of Struggle) in the Era of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Mr. Holland. Dr. Nugroho Notosusanto born. Four (4) years post-SUHU teaching KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY SMAN 1 in Kraksaan, SUHU's PADEPOKAN up with the name, "PADEPOKAN beard BERDARAH" and the nickname SUHU, "PENDEKAR beard BERDARAH." Curiously, this turbulence may be, TEMPERATURE red beard until now been black and still not like. After several years running, suddenly there is news that PSPB Lessons will be eliminated in the World Education in Indonesia. SUHU will be very surprised this news. Very very pitied The lessons, knight, patriotism, nationalism abolished. Why deleted? I still with Needs relevant? If it is not suitable, instead of just how teaches a better and attractive, not to have removed 100%. This uneg-uneg SUHU, SUHU especially once taught in the PSPB Tahun 0.5 Class of Filial at Gosport inclined, Ivory, Probolinggo District (now Ivory SMAN 1). What is more important again SUHU's Spirit ARE ALL with related WORLD PATRIOTISM, nationalism, noble and heroic. Given the Content Value Lessons PSPB unusual, the courses senyampang not removed, should SUHU action in PADEPOKAN beard BERDARAH. Because of difficulties to find words that fit the letter P and beard so that the word can still log in, then I need to think long again, ie only direct brush beard, replaced by Perjenggotan. While the word SINKANG inspired Value Content in the World knight, our SUHU krepes enough with only one word that is SINKANG (Power In). Sinkang TEMPorld / Kung Fu, patriotism, heroism and nationalism, the SUHU is in the eyes of some generator of life. Finally, to proclaim Students SMAN 1 Kraksaan at that time that PADEPOKAN beard BERDARAH officially changed its name to PADEPOKAN SINKANG PERJENGGOTAN BERDARAH (PSPB). They agreed to direct the acclamation after the turnover to get an explanation why the name. Apparently something that is not serious so serious. Until now, with all PSPB Akronimnya still exist and the way and Icon SUHU IN MAIN Teaches at SMAN 1 Kraksaan. Short words and short story, PSPB can sirna Lessons from the Earth Indonesia, but it SUHU PSPB can not sirna during the life existed body will of Allah SWT appropriate. In, what style Communications of SUHU enough colored PSPB STYLE. What is clear, PRO and contra among Teachers Mr. and Mrs. SMAN 1 Kraksaan until now still there. However, do not agree, is not happy over this PSPB STYLE, SUHU non chalant. This results SUHU CREATION, SUHU never taught all that grubby, slovenly, deceive each other, corruption, manipulation, ngrasani (slander slur) each other, steal, rob, plunder, rob, etc.. Come back to SUHU OF OTHER WORK, BUT A colleague it seems the SUHU NO WORK come back to.

6. SUHU called Why? SUHU whether it? What summer cold? Call SUHU, SUHU own request. SUHU (Sanskrit) = Guru (Indonesia) = Ustadz (Arabic) = Ustadzah (Arabic) = Teacher (English) = der Lehrer (Germany) = der Lehrerin (Germany). SUHU requested called SUHU because only one reason for that is to honor and enshrine Values Struggle in the past, namely the teachers of our Padepokan / Kung Fu called the SUHU. In daily life there is a call SUHU, USTADZ, and the father to TEACHER, SUHU all legitimate. SUHU here is not the same as the temperature of air, so not hot and not cold.

It Story Done, Concerns = Pengisahannya Selesai, Pengharapanku Bermanfaat (PS, PB) !

Tuban, Monday, 24 November 2008


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